Paris Opera

2-4 Rue Auber, 75009 Paris, France

The first stop on our journey - the Paris Opera, in modern France is known as the Opera Garnier. This is one of the most famous opera houses in the world.. It is located in the Palais Garnier, built in 1875, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, at the end of the avenue of the Opera, near the Metro Station. The building is considered a benchmark of eclectic architecture in the Beaux-Arts. It belongs to the era of a major transformation of the successful approach of Napoleon III and Haussmann prefect.. The building was called the Paris Opera House for a long time, but after the opening of the Opera Bastille in 1989, it is called simply the name of the architect Charles Garnier. Today, the two institutions merged in the public and commercial enterprise, "the Opera de Paris.". One of the most famous places of the Opera Garnier - the lobby of the main staircase. Inlaid marble of different colors, it accommodates a double flight of stairs leading to the theater foyer and auditorium floors.. The auditorium of the Paris Opera House is made in the Italian style in the shape of a horseshoe and holds a nineteen hundred spectator seats, trimmed in red velvet. He lit a huge chandelier made of crystal, which weighs more than six tons, and the ceiling is painted in 1964 by Marc Chagall. Foyer of the Opera - place to walk the audience during intermission - spacious and richly decorated. The first set of the foyer is covered with lovely mosaic c gold background. Hence the beautiful view of the entire space of the grand staircase.. Large foyer was designed by architect Garnier modeled on the front galleries of old castles. The game mirrors and windows gives a visual gallery of even greater scope. Currently Palais Garnier is mainly used for ballet performances..

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