Palais Royal, Paris

Avenue de l'Opéra, 75001 Paris, France

Palais Royale - is a royal palace and park area.. The palace was designed by Jacques Lemercier in 1639 for Cardinal Richelieu and initially called cardinal. After the death of Richelieu in 1642, the palace became the property of the king and got a new name Palais Royal. After the death of Louis XIII, it became the home of the Queen Mother Anne of Austria and her young sons, Louis XIV and Philip, the Duke of Anjou.. When Louis XIV and his successors, the palace served as the city residence of the Dukes of Orleans, and in the minority of Louis XV from here the Prince Regent led the management of the entire France.. During the Paris Commune, one thousand eight hundred and seventy first year of the palace burned down, but was rebuilt two years later and since then places the different government agencies - the State Council, the Constitutional Council and the Ministry of Culture. Immediately behind the palace are the old buildings of the National Library..

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