Madeleine, Paris

27 Rue Royale, 75008 PARIS 8eme, France

Madeleine church - the Church of St. Mary Magdalene is located in the eponymous square inscribed in a larger ensemble Concorde. The history of the construction of the church lasted for 85 years because of political unrest in France in the late eighteenth - early nineteenth centuries. Construction began under the direction of architect Contant d'Ivri under Louis the Fifteenth, who personally laid the first stone of the future church. The original design of the church was a cross-shaped structure with a dome. After the death of d'Ivri continued Couture, who offered to take a sample of the Pantheon. In seventeen hundred ninetieth year of construction was suspended due to disagreement over the appointment of the building. In 1806, Napoleon commissioned the architect Vignon to build the hall of fame of the Imperial Grand Army. Everything that has been built before, was demolished. In 1814, Louis XVIII wanted to erect the church building became a memory of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. In 1837, the city administration planned to turn the building into the station first passenger railway linking Paris and SenZhermen, but these plans were not destined to come true. In 1842, the church was completed and consecrated..

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