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Toronto Attractions

CN Tower, Toronto

CN Tower

Television Tower CN Tower - the symbol of the city and one of the most recognizable landmarks of Canada. Every year it is visited by over two million people. It was built in 1976 and until 2007 was the tallest building in the world. Its height is 553.33 meters.. In addition to its core business of tower also serves as a tourist attraction. Inside it are two viewing platforms from which a beautiful view of the city. The first observation deck is located at an altitude of 342 meters and has a glass floor. The second - is located at an altitude of 447 meters and is the highest in the world. Also located on the tower revolving restaurant makes one complete rotation every 72 minutes, so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city, while at the table. In addition to the tower is a cinema, where anyone can visually explore the historic past CN Tower. To get to the viewing platforms can be in one of four glass-speed elevators, which reaches a speed of six meters per second.

Rogers Centre, Toronto

Rogers Centre

"Rogers Centre" was built in 1989 and became the world's first multi-functional sports and leisure complex with a retractable roof. Another technological feature "Rogers Centre" is that the spectator seats are equipped with a device that allows for a few hours to change their position in space, depending on the type of event. They are arranged in five levels and can accommodate forty-six thousand one hundred and five spectators at baseball games, forty-five thousand seven hundred forty-six - at football matches, and from ten thousand to fifty-five thousand live. "Rogers Centre" is the home stadium of the city's baseball team, "Blue Dzheyz" as well as a football team, "Toronto Argonauts", a member of the Canadian Football League. Besides the fact that the competition is held here on the football and baseball, "Rogers Centre" is also used as a concert venue, which are the world stars. In addition, the "Rogers Centre" has 143,000 square meters of exhibition space, which allows for a variety of public events here. For example, here is one of the pavilions of the annual auto show. Also in the complex located at the hotel, 348 rooms, 70 of which are located on the playing field, as well as a bar and restaurant..

Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre - is a major cultural center located on the shore of Lake Ontario. He first opened its doors to the first January 1991. Harbourfront Centre is a favorite pastime of Toronto residents. There are various festivals and concerts, constantly perform street actors and circus performers. In the center are located exhibition and concert halls, art galleries, theaters, museums, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, theater schools, artists' studios, bistros and even residential apartments. In winter, the center can offer an extensive concert program is filled with outdoor skating rink, which is very popular among the residents of Toronto..

Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto

Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame. It is a museum dedicated to the history of hockey. It contains artifacts and materials relating to the legendary players and teams, as well as the records of the National Hockey League, its hockey awards and relics, including the Stanley Cup. Also in the museum are located stands with hockey equipment used in the game of hockey skates, made by hand, the first hockey sticks, as well as photographs and drawings of the game of hockey.. In addition to the Hall of Fame honored the best hockey players.

Gooderham Building, Toronto

Gooderham Building

Gooderham Building. This is an unusual red brick building, one of the favorite attractions of Toronto, also known as the home-iron. A five-story building was built in 1892 by architect David Roberts as the headquarters of alcoholic beverage company. Its shape is narrow triangular wedge, starting with the rounded corner, which is crowned by a pointed dome high. The back wall is painted a famous Canadian artist Derek Michael Besant. On the fourth floor, above the arched windows arranged quaint Romanesque cornice. The main entrance is decorated with French Gothic arch.. Currently, the building serves original function - office space..

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is one of the largest and oldest markets of Toronto. He was recognized among the locals for its huge size, fresh food and a variety of. Founded in 1803, the name of St. Lawrence Market has over 50 stalls with food to suit all tastes - from connoisseurs of fish to pasta lovers. The magazine "National Geographic" named it the best food market in 2012. The market is located in the same quarter. There is a complex of buildings of European architecture in the late nineteenth century, where are restaurants, cafes and boutiques. On the area around St. Lawrence Market are street festivals and performances. Nearby is the Sculpture Park and the Cathedral of St. James..

Distillery District, Toronto

Distillery District

Distillery District - a historic and very interesting area of ​​Toronto, which is a complex of industrial buildings of the Victorian era, which has no equal in all of North America. The name of the district received through the distillery and brewery that used to work here at full capacity. The history of the area began in the nineteenth century. Just then there was the largest plant for the production of alcohol throughout the British Empire. In 2003 it was transformed into a major cultural and exhibition center. Now former factory buildings located art galleries, cafes, boutiques and restaurants. In the quarter often houses exhibitions of works by local artists in the open air, are the street musicians and actors.. Today Distillery - one of the most popular areas of Toronto. It is so unique and distinctive that his quarters were shot about 800 films in 10 years. Distillery officially recognized historical and cultural center of Toronto and is protected by the municipality..

Cathedral of St. James, Toronto

Cathedral of St. James

Cathedral of St. James - is the first Anglican Church Toronto. It is located in the park of St. James the nineteenth century with a garden and a magnificent fountain. The Cathedral was opened in 1853 and is the third in a row after the cathedrals built in 1839 and 1849 and destroyed by fire. In subsequent years, the cathedral being completed, expanded, there were new decorative items.

Old City Hall, Toronto

Old City Hall

Old City Hall - is the former City Hall, built in 1899. At the time of its construction it was the largest building in Toronto and is the largest municipal building in North America. In 1965, after the construction of the new City Hall, Old City Hall had to tear down and replace it with a few skyscrapers. However, under public pressure, the decision was reversed. In 1989, the old city hall building was declared a historic monument, protected by the state. Now here is the court..

Eaton Center, Toronto

Eaton Center

"Eaton Center". One of the most popular Toronto attractions. It was built in 1977. This is one of the largest shopping centers of Toronto and the world. "Eaton Center," an area the size of two quarters. There is more than two hundred and eighty shops, restaurants and cafes. Every year, "Eaton Center" attracts more than 50 million people..

Young Street, Toronto

Young Street

Now you are on Yonge Street, which is the main street of Toronto. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records the longest street in the world. Its length is 1896 kilometers.. The street begins at the waterfront of Lake Ontario, and cutting the city in two, leaving the north, past Lake Simcoe to the town of Cochrane. From there, Young Street gradually turns west and ends at the border with the state of Minnesota.. It is believed that originally were part of the street Young Indian trail. She also enjoyed many European explorers and the troops. Then, in 1793, Governor John Simcoe named a street in honor of Sir George Young and forced the owners of adjacent land to the street to clear the area and make it a road. From 1816 on it began to regularly move the cart, and by the mid-nineteenth century, Young became the main street of Toronto.. Today, along the street, inside the city limits, goes underground, and has settled countless shops, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, clubs and bars..

Yorkville, Toronto


Yorkville - this quarter boutiques and high end restaurants. This is the most expensive street in Canada. It is the twenty-second place in the ranking of the most expensive streets in the world, and the third - in the list of the most expensive streets in the North America. The first five-star hotel in Canada appeared here. The area is a cozy park of the same name Yorkville..

The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum - is the largest cultural and natural history museum in Canada and the fifth largest museum in North America. It was founded in 1857 as the Museum of Natural History and Fine Arts at the Toronto Normal School. In 1912, the Ontario government decided to establish the Royal Ontario Museum. The museum has more than forty galleries, which contain more than 6 million items. It is known for its collections of dinosaur art in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, European and Canadian history. The museum also often organized the exhibition..

Casa Loma, Toronto

Casa Loma

Casa Loma Castle. It was built in 1914, a successful financier Henry Pilattom who chose for his home project in the style of neo-romantic castle. 98 rooms of the castle made it the largest private home in Canada. Huge library, enclosed porch converted into a small botanical garden with steam heating, passing under the beds of flowers, showers, ahead of time, the body occupies 2 floors, secret passages - all this makes the Casa Lomu like a fairytale castle. In addition to the impressive building and a magnificent finish many of its rooms, the Casa Loma boasts a large garden. The main building of the castle is connected by an underground passage from the nearby stables.. Today the castle is a tourist attraction. Also it is a popular venue for weddings and other special events. Also in the castle often are shooting movies..

Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto

Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum is one of the most interesting and original attractions. This museum is unique in the world. It is dedicated to the history of shoes from its inception to the present day.. The idea of ​​the museum belongs to Sonia Bata - heiress of Tomas Bata, one of the largest footwear manufacturers of the last century. His collection of shoes, she began to collect in the forties. The project's own Sonja Bata Museum has developed in the late seventies. However, the Bata Shoe Museum was opened only in 1995. The museum features twelve and a half thousand exhibits from all over the world. The most ancient of them more than four and a half thousand years.. It contains unique exhibits. This shoes for walking on the moon, diving to the bottom of the sea, smugglers boots with upturned soles, as well as iron shoes of plate armor fifteenth century. Also in the museum is a shoe belonging to politicians, stars, famous figures arts and sports, such as John Lennon, Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Pierce Brosnan, Madonna, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill. These specimens are exhibited next to a special screen where you can see a movie of their former owners. The museum has a permanent exhibition on the history of shoes, and three temporary exhibitions annually changing. They cover a short period of time in a specific geographical and cultural area..

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario - is one of the largest art museums in North America. At the exhibition area gallery, part of 45,000 square meters, located 110 showrooms. The museum was founded in 1900 under the title "Art Museum of Toronto". In 1919 it was renamed the "Art Gallery of Toronto". In 1966, the museum received its current name. Art Gallery of Ontario is located in the building of the magnificent Georgian-style mansion, which is one of the outstanding works of the XX century architect Frank Gehry. The building was built in 1817 and was transferred to the museum inherited from its last owner Goldwyn Smith. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario includes more than 68,000 artifacts from the first century BC to the Present. Here is the world's largest collection of Canadian art, a collection of European paintings, as well as the world's largest collection of works by well-known British sculptor Henry Moore.. A collection of European art gallery is considered the most complete collection of works of art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods outside Europe and the U.S.. The gallery also has the most comprehensive in North America collection of African art, and a collection of works by contemporary visual artists..

Bell Lightbox, Toronto

Bell Lightbox

Bell Lightbox - a new cultural center of Toronto, which opened in 2010. It is the venue for an international film festival held annually in Toronto. This unique complex is not only the most important meeting place for film professionals, but also an interesting place hanging out for movie lovers from around the world. On five floors of the building located 5 cinemas, two galleries, which hosts exhibitions on the history of cinema and art, three learning studios, a center for students, restaurant, bistro, gift shop, and a roof terrace. Also in the center is a library that stores a variety of publications related to the movie, as well as a film archive.

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