St. James Church, Brussels

Place Royale 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

St. James Church is a part of an ensemble of nine neoclassical buildings surrounding the perimeter of the Royal Square and linked by covered walkways. This temple is famous because of its levels of 21 July 1831, Leopold first took the oath of allegiance to the constitution of Belgium. Church history is rooted in the seventh century. Then, on the left bank of the Seine at Cold mountain Duke of Brabant built a small chapel, which went on with the pilgrims on their way to Spain. In 1162 the chapel was dedicated to St. James, and together with the adjoining almshouse given spiritual chivalry Catholic Knights Templar. After construction in the thirteenth century palace turned into a church Kaudenberg ducal chapel. In 1731, having survived a fire that destroyed the palace, it was demolished because its style does not fit into the new ensemble Royale. At the site of the old chapel erected a new church in neo-classical style, which was consecrated in 1787. Today, the church of St. James is the official church of the royal family, as well as the main parish church of the Belgian armed forces, what resembles marble plaque with the names of the war dead..

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