Sablon Church or Church of Our Lady of Victory, Brussels

Rue de la Régence 15, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Church "Sablon" or "Church of Our Lady of Victory" is one of the best examples of Brabant Gothic architecture, located in the ancient district Sablon, where until the end of the twelfth century outside the city walls of the cemetery. The soil of this area consists of sand and clay. This mixture is called in French "Sablon", whereby the area got its name.. In 1304, with funding from the five military guilds of Brussels was built a small chapel dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary. Name of Our Lady of Victory church was given in memory of the Battle of Voringene 1288, which resulted in Luxembourg passed into the possession of the Dukes of Brabant.. Popularity chapel increased after 1348 in a pious lady Beatrice Sotniks stolen in one of the temples of Antwerp statue of the Madonna and brought her to the chapel. As she did all this at the behest of the Virgin, who appeared to her interest in the stolen statue greatly increased, and many pilgrims were drawn to the humble chapel. As a result, cross-bows guild decided to build a chapel instead of a beautiful Gothic church. A story of abduction statue of the Virgin Mary near the compositions embodied in one of the walls of the church.. Until 1784 the church served as the burial place for distinguished aristocratic families. In particular, one of the chapels of the church belonged to the noble family of the Holy Roman Empire - Thurn and Taxis, established in the Middle Ages, the international e-mail message.. In 1929, Pope Pius the Eleventh appointed Sablon church official church Belgian Knighthood of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.. The church consists of five naves, columns in them decorated sculptures of the Holy Apostles. Inside the church the walls are painted guild emblems. Eleven stained glass fifteen feet tall with a predominance of blue and green colors, illuminated at night, creating an unusual lighting design interior with carved decorations and a large body. In the central part of the nave is the pulpit, decorated with symbols of the four evangelists, as well as the image of the Virgin Mary surrounded by saints.\n.

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