The Royal Palace, Brussels

Place des Palais 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Royal Palace - is the official residence of the Belgian monarch, located in front of Brussels Park and separated from his Palace Square.\n. "Royal Palace" is used mainly by King as a venue for formal events.\n. Prior to that, this place was a palace Kaudenberg - Castle residence of the Dukes of Brabant, presumably built in the late eleventh century and destroyed by fire in 1731. Modern facade in the classical style palace building acquired at Leopold the Second in 1904. Today the palace houses a museum dedicated to the history of the Belgian dynasty, and there are three contemporary art exhibitions.\n. Here you can admire the art collections and products of arts and crafts, brought from around the world to walk rooms and halls of this imposing building, the corridors and monumental stairs, and of course visit the famous "mirror room", the ceiling of which is laid out over a million wings Thai beetles . In the room you can see the Imperial 11 flower pots of gold planted with flowers from each of the eleven provinces of the Belgian. Greatness "Hall tyorzhestv" and "Throne Hall" is simply breathtaking. Their great size, ceiling height, and bronze with crystal chandeliers are witnessing a time when Belgium was the fourth-largest trading nation in the world.

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