Leopold Park, Brussels

Rue Belliard 200, 1000 Etterbeek, Belgium

Leopold Park predstavdyaet a picturesque park located in the center of Brussels. There is a beautiful lake and many fountains, and operates several museums. The idea of ​​its creation belongs to the scientist and industrialist Ernest Solvay, who in the late nineteenth century organized here five university centers. Leading minds of the time - Marie Curie and Albert Einstein participated in scientific symposia held within the walls of academic institutions, working there until this day.\n. The park is about ten acres. This green space, known as numerous buildings, including the International Convention Centre and the old library building "Solvay", and many other architectural achievements.\n. Along the perimeter of the pond stretched walking and biking trails, with plenty of benches. From the main entrance to the park located floral clock, the overall diameter is about 9 meters, which is planted with about 15 thousand colors. Leopold Park has retained its true character of the English landscape park with its vast lawns, shady groups of trees and winding paths that invite visitors and residents a pleasant refreshing walk..

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