Grand Place, Brussels

Grand-Place 29, Grand Place, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Grand Place - the historic square of Brussels, which is one of the most important tourist sites of the city. It is not only the biggest and most beautiful square in Brussels, but also one of the most beautiful squares in the world. There are two major attractions - the Town Hall and "House of the King". History of the area began in the eleventh century, when in place of the dried bogs market emerged. There were noisy shopping arcades, feast, jousting tournaments and administer justice. In the fifteenth century there was built a Gothic town hall. In 1450, she was crowned with a 96-meter watch tower with a statue of St. Michael - the patron saint of Brussels.. Opposite the town hall is the "House of the King", built in the sixteenth century by Emperor Charles V, where, despite the name, never lived no king. House served alternately baking warehouse tribunal and prison. In 1873 the building was reconstructed in the Gothic style. Nowadays, there is "the Brussels municipal museum.". In 1695, during the French siege of Brussels, the buildings around the square were demolished, only the city hall stood, and, in part, "House of the King". After the war the area was quickly rebuilt wealthy guilds, whereby it adopted its present appearance. Today the ensemble market square of Brussels is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.. Since 1986, every two years, on the Grand Place, the fifteenth of August for a few days created a huge carpet of flowers a total area of ​​one thousand eight hundred square meters, attracting tens of thousands of visitors here from around the world.

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