Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula, Brussels

Sinter-Goedelevoorplein, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula - one of the brightest representatives of Gothic art. The main cathedral of Brussels is located on the border of Upper and Lower towns on the hill Troyrenberg. He is known for his performances of bell ringing. It also hosts organ concerts.. History of the Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula rooted in the eleventh century. Then this place was a Romanesque church of St. Michael - the patron saint of Brussels, where in 1047 the remains were transported to Saint Gudule. After that was fixed for the temple name of the church of St. Michael and Gudula. According to legend, a young and pious daughter of the seventh century Carolingian aristocrat annoying devil interfered read religious books at night, and every now and then blow out the candles. Girl whenever it lit again, and for that his constancy was canonized.. In the thirteenth century Romanesque church was rebuilt in the gothic and expanded. Base of the old Romanesque churches today can be seen in the crypt through the glass openings in the floor. In the period from 1226 to 1276 were built Gothic choirs, in the middle of the fifteenth century - the nave and transept. West facade of French baroque and interior were completed towards the end of the fifteenth century.. The building is a symmetrical composition with two gothic unfinished rectangular towers linked openwork gallery and a gable roof and giving resemblance to the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Inside each tower has a long ladder, which open onto a terrace at a height of 64 meters. In the north tower housed a big bell "Savior.". Cathedral adorned with beautiful stained glass windows of the sixteenth - nineteenth centuries, illustrating episodes in the history of the sacrament and the life of the Virgin. Columns with openwork capitals supporting a vaulted nave, decorated with figures of the Apostles in the Baroque style in full size.. The cathedral is also the mausoleum of the Belgian national hero Frederic de Merode.. Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula witnessed many special occasions: in 1995 he was visited by John Paul II, at the same time here married Belgian Crown Prince Philippe of Princess Mathilde, and in November 2007 prayer service was held in memory of victims of Holodomor in Ukraine..

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