The building of the European Parliament, Brussels

Rue de Trèves 30, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium

European Parliament building in Blyussele - the biggest in the world, where important and historic decisions of the European Union. It is located on an area of ​​Luxembourg. The building is constructed in the shape of a wing and a tower height of 60 meters, according to the architects, looks unfinished, symbolizing a partial list of EU countries. The upper part of the building is oriented upwards, as a Gothic cathedral spire. Some see in the architecture construction features of the Roman Colosseum.. The first complex of buildings housing the European Parliament were built between 1988 and 1992 on the site of a former brewery, then in 2008 the building was expanded and completed towards the square Luxembourg. Shells are named after various European political figures - Vatslev Havel, Willy Brandt, and so on. Press room bears the name of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. And most importantly the central building of the European Parliament is named after the Italian communist Altieri Spinelli, author of "Ventotene Manifesto," which was first proposed Constitution of the United States of Europe. Installed in front of the 12-meter high sculpture "in the heart of Europe" or "Heart of Europe". The author of the composition is Lyudmila Cherina, the famous French artist, writer, actress and dancer. This work represents a united Europe.. In those days when Parliament is not in session, the complex is open for visits. You can even visit a plenary meeting with a group or alone. During the session of the European Parliament on headphones can hear almost instant translation of all that is said on each of the twenty official languages ​​of the European Union..

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