State Library of New South Wales, Sydney

2/155 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

State Library of New South Wales is a unique place where assembled the world's most extensive collection of manuscripts, paintings and artifacts related to the history of the European discovery of Australia.. Foundation of the State Library of New South Wales occupies premises of two buildings between which the underpass and a glass bridge. The older building is known as the Mitchell Library. It is a massive structure of sandstone facade of which goes to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Newer building, the facade of which goes to Macquarie Street, is reserved for the State reference library. Huge Mitchell Library reading room is protected by a glass roof, the walls are paneled with oak paneling.. Paul spacious lobby is decorated with a mosaic image library of antique maps. The map shows routes of travel to Australia Tasman. Original maps that were used in swimming Tasman included in the library collection, along with old books, pictures, and documents..

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