Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

121 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - one of the top three botanical gardens of the city, open to the public. Botanical Garden is located on the shore of the Bay Farmers' - a shallow cove in the Bay of Sydney - directly opposite the Sydney Opera House, Ferry Circular Quay and Macquarie Street. Its total area - 30 hectares.. The story begins back in the garden one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eighth year, when by order of the governor of the colony of New South Wales Arthur Phillip was broken small agricultural farm, which was the first in the country. In 1816, on the site of the farm was established research center, named "Royal Botanic Gardens" and today is the oldest in Australia. In a relatively short period of time on a plot of thirty hectares was created amazing piece of nature, where you can see more than seven and a half thousand different plants of the planet, including those that are on the verge of extinction.. Here you can stroll along the palm grove, visit the greenhouse ferns, cactus garden and a luxurious rose garden. And one of the main attractions of the garden are Vollemskie pine. This is perhaps the oldest plants on Earth, until recently, were considered extinct. In 1994 alone, the Australian botanists lucky enough to spot these pine trees in one of the gorges of the continent, and today they are cultivated in the botanical garden. The Royal Botanical Gardens you can see a variety of native species, primarily multi-colored parrots and other tropical birds. The garden is home to a large number of bats and foxes. In the garden paths arranged many small reservoirs, over which you can walk through decorative bridges and a variety of hidden sculpture, and in one corner of the garden stands a stately house of the governor of New South Wales, which is an outstanding example of Victorian architecture..

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