Parliament building, Sydney

187-193 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Parliament House - consists of a complex of buildings built in the period from the sixteenth to the eighteen hundred 1980. The main part of the parliamentary residence - a fragment of the former Sydney hospital, built in 1816. Government agencies have moved into the building in the twenties of the nineteenth century. It held its first meeting of the Legislative Council. Subsequently the room twice rebuilt and expanded, meeting rooms have been added, as well as other buildings: offices, dining rooms and a library.. It employs members of both houses of parliament and a number of other government agencies. During the absence of parliamentary sessions can be seen and the Legislative Chamber of the Legislative Assembly. In the Jubilee exhibition hall is a parliamentary attractions illustrating the history of the state legislation. In the southern part of the building you can see a fragment of the supporting structure of the iron with cast-iron elements, which was brought from England especially for the construction of a building. Wood for building was part of the boxes in which the products are delivered. Some of the wooden structures of that era have survived to the present day..

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