Hyde Park, Sydney

College Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Hyde Park - it is a large urban park in Sydney, which was founded in 1810 on the orders of Governor Macquarie. The park was named in honor of his older brother in London - Hyde Park.. It is located in an area of ​​sixteen hectares to the east of the Sydney business district to the south coast of Port Jackson. Today in Hyde Park smashed several gardens and grows 580 species of trees, including figs, palms and other. The park is famous for its delightful alleys fig trees. Decoration of the park is the Archibald Fountain, designed by architect Francois Sukkar and in 1932 donated by Australian journalist Jules Archibald for his services in the First World War. In the northern part of Hyde Park, a garden Nagoya, which is a huge attraction chess pieces. And located in the southern part of the Australian War Memorial and New Zealand Army Corps. At the entrance to the park from the south-east side is a monument - stochetyrehmillimetrovoe gun with the German cruiser "Emden".. Here there is a monument to James Cook and the road riding with night lighting, and Lake Serpentine. The park is the venue for various festivals and events..

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