Circular Quay Key, Sydney

1 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Key Circular Quay is located in the northern part of the central business district of Sydney between Cape Bennelong Point and The Rocks area. There are parks and restaurants, the ferry and the railway station, pedestrian malls and shopping streets. At Circular Quay Ki Museum of Contemporary Art and the City Library. Originally embankment used for navigation, but eventually became the center of transportation, recreation and leisure city. At one time it was called "Semi circular quay", which more accurately reflects its form, but later reduced the name for convenience.. Previously, Circular Key was the main end point of most electric trams eastern Sydney. And the first tram in 1861 passed along the embankment of the old railway station along the Sydney Pitt Street, was a horse-drawn. For 27 years there were a regular tram routes from Central station down the Kaslrif Street to Circular Key.. Today Key Circular Quay - Sydney's main transport hub with ferry, rail and bus stations. By the way, the local railway station - the only one in town, located above the ground.. In addition, the promenade - this is the largest venue in Sydney various celebrations, due to its strategic location between the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It is here that organize fireworks in honor of Independence Day in Australia and New Years Eve..

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