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Sydney Attractions

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Queen Victoria Building

Right now you can see the Queen Victoria Building - one of Sydney's most beautiful buildings and shopping centers in the world. It was built in 1898, designed by George MakReyya, but its current name structure received only in 1918. Prior to that, in this place since 1810 housed a grocery market Sydney. Building dimensions of 190 meters long and 30 meters wide, so it is completely occupies one quarter. The dominant design element of the Queen Victoria Building - the central dome, consisting of an inner glass dome and the outer copper. Beautiful stained glass windows, original staircase nineteenth century, one of the ten most beautiful staircases of the world, and the magnificent architecture designed in the same style throughout the building. The building has two pairs hours. Some were brought from England. Every hour they show scenes from royal life. Second clock - Big Australian Clock in 33 pictures tell the story of the colonists and the natives of Australia.. Before the building, near the entrance to the Royal Well Wishes co beloved dog sculpture of Queen and Queen Victoria statue itself. Queen Victoria Building, originally conceived as a shopping center, and later used for various purposes. Today the building serves its original role of the shopping center, which houses more than 190 shops..

Sydney Town Hall, Sydney

Sydney Town Hall

Sydney Town Hall - located in the heart of Sydney, right in front of the Queen Victoria Building, close to the Cathedral of St. Andrew. The location between the busy subway station Town Hall and the business center of the city made it a popular meeting place for the Town Hall residents.. Sydney Town Hall was built in eighteen hundred and eightieth year on the site of the old cemetery. Town Hall today remains the only non-religious building in Sydney, which has kept the original interior and since its construction performs the same function. It houses the Chamber of the City Council and the administration of Mayor of Sydney. In the main hall - Centennial Hall - is the world's largest mechanical organ, installed in one thousand eight hundred and ninetieth year. Before the opening of the Sydney Opera House is located in the Town Hall main city concert hall, which hosts various events.

Quarter Kings Cross, Sydney

Quarter Kings Cross

Quarter Kings Cross - known as the red-light district, where five streets converge. Here is officially allowed prostitution, many brothels, sex shops, strip clubs and gay clubs. However, this does not prevent this area to be a pleasant place for family walks and relaxing holiday. There are many great hotels in Sydney, many cafes and restaurants. In the years of the twentieth century, there lived as European refugees and gangsters and bohemians, hippies as well as popular writers.

Memorial Fountain El Alamein, Sydney

Memorial Fountain El Alamein

Memorial Fountain El Alamein - Located in Kings Cross, at the entrance to the Fitzroy Gardens. The fountain was built by architect Bob Woodward in memory of soldiers who died in 1942 during the Second World War in two battles at El Alamein in Egypt..

Woolloomooloo Bay marina, Sydney

Woolloomooloo Bay marina

Woolloomooloo Bay marina - located in the Bay of Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney. To date, this structure, the length of 410 meters, is one of the world's longest wooden building on stilts. Pier, built in 1915, was a place for mooring ships arriving in Sydney. In 1956, the passenger terminal was built.. In the early seventies carriers refused to use the berth because of its lack of competitiveness with new modern facilities, and one thousand nine hundred and eightieth year was abandoned dock. In the future, the authorities decided to convert a marina, and now it is a luxury complex, which is a luxury boutique hotel "Blue Sydney," restaurants, trendy shops and apartments of celebrities.. The once-derelict pier has acquired the status of one of the most prestigious and expensive areas of Sydney..

Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - one of the most famous and recognizable buildings in the world, is a symbol of Sydney and one of the main attractions of the continent. Opera is recognized as one of the greatest works of modern architecture in the world. Since 1973, along with the Harbour Bridge, the theater is the hallmark of Sydney.. The Sydney Opera House was opened October 20, 1973 Queen Elizabeth II of England. It is located in the Sydney harbor on Bennelong Point. The architect of the theater is the Dane Jorn Utzon, who for the project received the Pritzker Prize in 2003.. Opera was built as much as fourteen years at a cost of one hundred and two million dollars.. The theater building covers an area of ​​more than two hectares. It weighs a hundred and sixty-one thousand tons and is supported by 580 piles, lowered into the water to a depth of almost 25 meters above the sea level. Its power supply is equivalent to the electricity consumption of a town with a population of twenty-five thousand people..

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Sydney

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - one of the top three botanical gardens of the city, open to the public. Botanical Garden is located on the shore of the Bay Farmers' - a shallow cove in the Bay of Sydney - directly opposite the Sydney Opera House, Ferry Circular Quay and Macquarie Street. Its total area - 30 hectares.. The story begins back in the garden one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eighth year, when by order of the governor of the colony of New South Wales Arthur Phillip was broken small agricultural farm, which was the first in the country. In 1816, on the site of the farm was established research center, named "Royal Botanic Gardens" and today is the oldest in Australia. In a relatively short period of time on a plot of thirty hectares was created amazing piece of nature, where you can see more than seven and a half thousand different plants of the planet, including those that are on the verge of extinction.. Here you can stroll along the palm grove, visit the greenhouse ferns, cactus garden and a luxurious rose garden. And one of the main attractions of the garden are Vollemskie pine. This is perhaps the oldest plants on Earth, until recently, were considered extinct. In 1994 alone, the Australian botanists lucky enough to spot these pine trees in one of the gorges of the continent, and today they are cultivated in the botanical garden. The Royal Botanical Gardens you can see a variety of native species, primarily multi-colored parrots and other tropical birds. The garden is home to a large number of bats and foxes. In the garden paths arranged many small reservoirs, over which you can walk through decorative bridges and a variety of hidden sculpture, and in one corner of the garden stands a stately house of the governor of New South Wales, which is an outstanding example of Victorian architecture..

State Library of New South Wales, Sydney

State Library of New South Wales

State Library of New South Wales is a unique place where assembled the world's most extensive collection of manuscripts, paintings and artifacts related to the history of the European discovery of Australia.. Foundation of the State Library of New South Wales occupies premises of two buildings between which the underpass and a glass bridge. The older building is known as the Mitchell Library. It is a massive structure of sandstone facade of which goes to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Newer building, the facade of which goes to Macquarie Street, is reserved for the State reference library. Huge Mitchell Library reading room is protected by a glass roof, the walls are paneled with oak paneling.. Paul spacious lobby is decorated with a mosaic image library of antique maps. The map shows routes of travel to Australia Tasman. Original maps that were used in swimming Tasman included in the library collection, along with old books, pictures, and documents..

Parliament building, Sydney

Parliament building

Parliament House - consists of a complex of buildings built in the period from the sixteenth to the eighteen hundred 1980. The main part of the parliamentary residence - a fragment of the former Sydney hospital, built in 1816. Government agencies have moved into the building in the twenties of the nineteenth century. It held its first meeting of the Legislative Council. Subsequently the room twice rebuilt and expanded, meeting rooms have been added, as well as other buildings: offices, dining rooms and a library.. It employs members of both houses of parliament and a number of other government agencies. During the absence of parliamentary sessions can be seen and the Legislative Chamber of the Legislative Assembly. In the Jubilee exhibition hall is a parliamentary attractions illustrating the history of the state legislation. In the southern part of the building you can see a fragment of the supporting structure of the iron with cast-iron elements, which was brought from England especially for the construction of a building. Wood for building was part of the boxes in which the products are delivered. Some of the wooden structures of that era have survived to the present day..

Hyde Park, Sydney

Hyde Park

Hyde Park - it is a large urban park in Sydney, which was founded in 1810 on the orders of Governor Macquarie. The park was named in honor of his older brother in London - Hyde Park.. It is located in an area of ​​sixteen hectares to the east of the Sydney business district to the south coast of Port Jackson. Today in Hyde Park smashed several gardens and grows 580 species of trees, including figs, palms and other. The park is famous for its delightful alleys fig trees. Decoration of the park is the Archibald Fountain, designed by architect Francois Sukkar and in 1932 donated by Australian journalist Jules Archibald for his services in the First World War. In the northern part of Hyde Park, a garden Nagoya, which is a huge attraction chess pieces. And located in the southern part of the Australian War Memorial and New Zealand Army Corps. At the entrance to the park from the south-east side is a monument - stochetyrehmillimetrovoe gun with the German cruiser "Emden".. Here there is a monument to James Cook and the road riding with night lighting, and Lake Serpentine. The park is the venue for various festivals and events..

The Australian Museum, Sydney

The Australian Museum

Australian Museum - the oldest museum in Australia, an internationally recognized institute in the field of natural history and anthropology. The museum was opened in 1857 under the name of Colonial. Later it was renamed the Australian. Here are collected extensive collection of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, as well as exhibits that introduce the mineralogy, paleontology and anthropology, Australia and other regions of the world. Here are the interesting displays and artifacts about the Aborigines of Australia, the flora and fauna of Australia, Australia's prehistoric past, colonial history, modern history and the formation of Australia as a nation..

Sydney's Central train station, Sydney

Sydney's Central train station

Sydney's Central Railway Station is the largest train station in Australia. It caters from twenty-seven to thirty-eight trains per hour in each direction..

Museum "Power", Sydney

Museum "Power"

Museum "Power" is the main unit of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney. Another branch of the museum - Sydney Observatory. Despite the fact that this museum is often described as a science in its depths collected quite a diverse collection, among which are the "Applied Arts", "Science", "Communications", "Transport", "Media", "Computer Technology" . The museum has existed for over 125 years. To date, his fund has more than 400,000 items, telling visitors about the development of science and technology in the world. Most of them are placed in a building that used to be a substation for elektrotramvaev, which took the museum in 1988, and because of which got its name. Today, among the exhibits of the museum you can see the unique things - for example, the world's oldest operating steam engine, created in 1785, and the first steam locomotive built in the state of New South Wales in 1854. And, perhaps the most popular model of the exposition is "Strasbourg Hours", constructed in 1887, twenty-five from Sydney watchmaker Richard Smith. This working model of the famous Strasbourg astronomical clock.. The exhibition "Space Technology" presented the model of the space shuttle cockpit in full size.

Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum - a museum with a rich exposition, covering the events of the first colonists of Australia in the late eighteenth century to the present day. There is also a vintage boat Aboriginal and modern battleships, and even surfboards, but special attention is the collection of sea shells.. On the pier you can see the real fleet consisting of ships and boats. Here is "Krait", built in nineteen twenties and was in service with the Special Forces during the Second World War, as well as a floating lighthouse "Carpentaria", built in 1917. Also here you can see the former Royal Australian Navy ships and merchant ship "James Craig" and the layout of the famous "Endeavour" on which he sailed James Cook.

Sydney Exhibition Centre, Sydney

Sydney Exhibition Centre

Sydney Exhibition Centre was officially opened in 1988.. Its large rooms are large exhibitions, conferences and special events. In the center are the auditorium, conference and meeting facilities for corporate events with a capacity ranging from two hundred to two thousand people. In the Sydney Exhibition Centre is held annually over six hundred exhibitions and corporate events. The main events are the Australian International Motorshow and the Sydney International Yacht Show. During the Olympic Games were held here as some of the competition..

Sydney IMAX Theatre, Sydney

Sydney IMAX Theatre

Aymaks Sydney Theatre is located at the water's edge, on the waterfront of the business and entertainment district, Darling Harbour, close to the exhibition center and the hotel Park Royal.. Home theater feature that it has the world's largest projection screen whose size - 29 m 42 cm in height and 35 meters in width 73 cm. The screen reaches a height of eight-house.. In the Sydney Theatre Aymaks can see not only the movie news. In tride hall continually demonstrated breathtaking documentaries about Australia, Antarctica, oceans, dinosaurs, ancient world and the cosmos..

Sydney Aquarium, Sydney

Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium is world famous for its huge diversity of residents. More than six hundred and fifty species of Australian flora and fauna.. It was opened in 1988 for the celebration of the bicentenary of Australia. Sydney Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and is considered one of the major tourist attractions of the city.. Some of the inhabitants of the aquarium located in the main hall, and others - in open aquariums. Exhibition "The dwelling sea lions" and "Open Ocean" includes two massive aquarium and underwater tunnels have that allow visitors to explore the marine life in closed tanks. In the aquarium "Open Ocean" presented the world's largest collection of sharks. Some of the sharks weigh up to three hundred killogrammov and reach more than three meters in length.. In December 1991, opened the first oceanarium with fur seals, behind which can be seen through the transparent walls of the underwater tunnel or an open observation deck. In October 1998, opened complex "Great Barrier Reef", showing tropical aquatic flora and fauna inhabiting the coral caves, coral atoll, and including a large aquarium. More than six thousand animals are placed in the aquarium, which contains more than two and a half million gallons of water..

Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge, the largest bridge of Sydney and one of the largest steel arch bridge in the world. He is one of the main attractions of Sydney. The bridge was opened on March 19, 1932. Its total length - one thousand one hundred forty-nine meters, width - 49 meters. Total weight of the bridge - pyatdesyat two thousand eight hundred tons. The steel arch bridge weighs thirty nine thousands tons. It rises on the one hundred and thirty meters above sea level, and it has clearance of 49 meters above the surface of the waters of the bay, which ensures the passage of any ships under the bridge.. Sydney Harbour Bridge is an integral part of Sydney's New Year's celebrations, and is used for the spectacular fireworks show.

The Rocks, Sydney

The Rocks

The Rocks - the oldest Australian quarter with many cafés, restaurants and galleries.. There is plenty of terraces and houses made of limestone, and the most ancient city pubs. This historic area attracts residents and visitors alike for its museums and art galleries, lively weekend markets and hotels overlooking the harbor..

Circular Quay Key, Sydney

Circular Quay Key

Key Circular Quay is located in the northern part of the central business district of Sydney between Cape Bennelong Point and The Rocks area. There are parks and restaurants, the ferry and the railway station, pedestrian malls and shopping streets. At Circular Quay Ki Museum of Contemporary Art and the City Library. Originally embankment used for navigation, but eventually became the center of transportation, recreation and leisure city. At one time it was called "Semi circular quay", which more accurately reflects its form, but later reduced the name for convenience.. Previously, Circular Key was the main end point of most electric trams eastern Sydney. And the first tram in 1861 passed along the embankment of the old railway station along the Sydney Pitt Street, was a horse-drawn. For 27 years there were a regular tram routes from Central station down the Kaslrif Street to Circular Key.. Today Key Circular Quay - Sydney's main transport hub with ferry, rail and bus stations. By the way, the local railway station - the only one in town, located above the ground.. In addition, the promenade - this is the largest venue in Sydney various celebrations, due to its strategic location between the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It is here that organize fireworks in honor of Independence Day in Australia and New Years Eve..

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